Amy Forsyth, ASD parent

Stacy and I moved into our Lehi neighborhoods about the same time. As I started participating in PTA meetings at the elementary school I was befriended by her. She acted like we had been friends forever, and she was so kind. We also ended up having boys play on the same football team and she made sure that all the parents had a roster so we could know the players by name and the boys were cheered on by all the parents. 


As time has gone on I’ve seen many of the things Stacy has done for the children in our community. She created a safe space at the Junior High for anxious kids to use to calm their nerves and to feel safe at school. She called me as a parent of a struggling child and connected us to the right people to help him pass his classes but also feel supported in his school environment. She loves the teachers in Alpine School District and works hard to keep them happy and well fed. She stays up all hours of the night putting extra love into all she does. From football and dance banquets to Senior all nighters, they all have the beauty of Stacy’s creative mind. I firmly believe that Stacy has the best interest of our students in mind and she will fight for each individual child. 


Stacy Bateman

ASD School Board Member

Voting District A6

Lehi and Skyridge Clusters