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Stacy Bateman

ASD School Board Member

Voting District A6

Lehi and Skyridge Clusters




Hello! I'm Stacy


I am passionate about advocating for students and teachers! I believe in connections that count among families, schools and the community. I have been involved in our Lehi schools over the past eight years in a variety of roles. I have seen the growth and want to ensure a strong future for our community. As the Lehi representative to the Alpine District School Board, I will listen to all stakeholders to ensure that the decisions made are what is best for all involved. I look forward to earning your vote and serving as Lehi's representative to the ASD school board.


Courtney Moore, Lehi Parent

Angie Adams, ASD Teacher and Lehi Parent

Jennifer Lee, Former ASD Parent

Amanda Howells, Belmont Parent

Kerri Hacking, ASD Teacher and Parent

Chris Condie, Lehi City Councilman and Lehi Parent

Amy Forsyth, ASD Parent

Julie Johnson, Ascent Academy Lehi Teacher and ASD Parent


Risk Assesment

Connection During Pandemic

Mental Health Awareness Efforts

PTA Partnership 

Elected To National Board

Student Center


Social and Emotional Wellness


Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides the foundation for learning. I appreciate the way ASD has used TSSA (Teacher and Student Success Act) funds to add counselors, psychologists and social workers to our schools. I will continue to advocate for funding for our schools while thanking legislators for the funding that has already been provided. 

I also love the partnership between ASD and the United Way. I would love to make sure every family is aware of the resources available online through this program. As we have no idea how long we will see the effects of Covid on our students (quarantine/online learning/home life changes), this needs to be at the forefront of our thoughts and conversations.


Class size and teacher salary


I would like to increase ASD teacher salaries and reduce class sizes. This is all related to the budget received from the state legislature. Our legislators have always listened when I have reached out, and I think continued conversations are key here. Helping them understand why we need additional funding will lead to class size reduction and an increase in teacher salaries. 

Important things to understand related to building, class size and teacher salary are the WPU (Weighted Pupil Unit) and what funds come from a particular source. It is my goal to help all stakeholders understand what can be paid for with bond money vs. local property taxes and what funding comes from income taxes via the legislature.


Equity in schools and clusters


Equity is simply explained as everyone gets what they need. No two neighborhoods, clusters, schools or students are alike. Each group has unique needs. Every student and teacher deserves the tools and support that will set them up for success. We will need to be creative in our solutions as we look at high growth areas for future schools, support our existing personnel, and offer our students the best opportunities. 



Q.   What is Alpine School Board District 6?

A.   This seat covers all of the Lehi and Skyridge Clusters. Specifically, these schools:

Lehi Cluster: Lehi High School and Willowcreek Middle School. Dry Creek, Lehi, Liberty Hills, Meadow, North Point, River Rock and Snow Springs Elementary Schools. 

Skyridge Cluster: Skyridge High School, Lehi Junior High School and the new Lehi Middle School opening in Fall 2021. Belmont Eaglecrest, Fox Hollow, Freedom, Sego Lily and Traverse Mountain Elementary Schools. 

Q: How can I find out what the current count of Covid cases is in my area?

A: If you go to the ASD website, there is a Covid-19 Dashboard that is updated regularly.



  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah

  • Graduate, Temple City High School

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid

  • QPR (Question, Persuade Refer)

  • CPR

Alpine School District Committees
  • Community Coalition (Suicide Prevention)

  • JEEC- Join Educator Evaluation Committee 

  • Health & Human Sexuality curriculum materials review committee

Alpine School District DCC and SCC
  • District Community Council (Representing Belmont, Freedom and Traverse Mountain Elementary Schools) 

  • School Community Council- Lehi Junior High (2016 to present)

  • School Community Council- Eaglecrest Elementary 2016-2018)

  • ASD Region Director 

  • Skyridge Council President 

  • Lehi Council President

  • Lehi Junior High PTSA President

  • Room Mom (2012-2020)

  • Multiple positions at Snow Springs, Eaglecrest, Lehi Junior and Skyridge High School

  • National PTA Board of Directors

  • Chair, National PTA Programs Committee

  • Skyridge Youth Football Board

  • Cub Scouts

  • Soccer Coach

  • Classroom Volunteer


Stacy Bateman

ASD School Board Member

Voting District A6

Lehi and Skyridge Clusters